Wonderwill is a story by Ninna Thorarinsdottir made into a graphic novel, game and set of toys.

Wonderwill is about individuality and the power of being unique. It's about being good at what you love and being your own superhero.


A story about the quest of four heroes who set out to save the rainbow and the future of Wonderwill.

Toy figurines

The four heroes in 3d; Kai, Quinn, Ariel and Dakota.


Four levels, four heroes and four colors to save.


Save the rainbow and save Wonderwill, as you do watch out for the Bad Attidudes and Icy water.

Play the game prototype, featuring Quinn, and collect two colours to help save the rainbow.

Tablet and Mobile Wonderwill game coming very soon.


Wonderwill is by Ninna Thorarinsdottir, an Icelandic designer and illustrator. The project is a part of her Masters degree at HDK in Gothenburg, Sweden. For more information email ninna at ninna.eu